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It takes a highly skilled drone pilot to fly FPV. Look no further...AirWrx is your "GO 2" team who will get those impossible cinematic shots.


Digital Site Surveys

Need to capture or document your projects progress? AirWrx offers world’s leading digital documentation services. We combine cutting-edge technology with a client-first philosophy, to provide customized documentation solutions for a wide range of industries. Ready to accommodate projects of every size, our services are customizable to your needs and the demands of your project. We understand that capturing your project is critical. Our team of digital documentation specialists are there to offer project management, supervision, and other consulting services related to the AirWrx reality capture services you select.

Drone Data 2D / 3D Surveying

We utilize drone technology to create a digital twin of your project. Our professional drone pilots navigate aviation regulations and insurance requirements to ensure all flights are safe and compliant. We're experts in drone data collection, management, and analysis. We've worked on large-scale projects in multiple industries across the globe.

3D Scan to BIM

3D scans give customers the ability to remotely measure length and depth to an accuracy within 6mm (¼”). Powered by Leica’s pro-grade BLK360, our 3D scans are the perfect solution for owners, contractors, and other project stakeholders who need instant access to accurate measurements in order to answer critical questions on the spot.

Webcam Timelapse

Monitor construction activity from anywhere, at anytime, with a live webcam photo-feed of your project. Create time-lapse videos with the click of a button, or review high-definition photos from strategically placed, AirWrx-installed and serviced construction webcams.

360°/ VR Tours for AEC

Site-Walk 360°/VR tours give our customers an immersive 3D navigation experience, allowing users to remotely ‘walk’ through their site on the web. Our clients count on virtual walkthroughs for inspection purposes, validation of as-built conditions, remote monitoring, and project marketing.

Photo / Video Documentation

AirWrx employs professional construction photographers, trained to shoot and navigate job sites, covering all requested angles of your project. Trust us to capture inspection-grade pictures, indexed by location, for comprehensive site-wide documentation and a permanent visual record.

Drone School Basic & Adv.

AirWrx is registered with Transport Canada as a certified Drone Flight School offering the Basic and Advanced RPAS (TP-15263E) certification. We also provide in-person flight reviews to get your team fully-certified at our one-stop "Drone" shop.

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