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What We Can Do for You

Drone Data Collection

Use laser scans and photographs (aerial & handheld) to generate accurate intelligent models that support a wide range of use cases in telecom, oil and gas, architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC).

Atlasx Post Processing

Atlasx® converts your unstructured 2D data into a highly accurate 3D digital twin, a photo-realistic model of the asset that the user can navigate during digital inspections.

Auto Generated Reports

Atlasx® allows users to review, mark-up, and detail features and problems during an inspection. All comments are auto-recorded and can be included in an inspection report automatically. All reports are customizable and auto-generated.

Online 3D View & Share

Atlasx® users can share links to PDF reports and digital twins, allowing collaborators permission-based access and editing previllages. All access can be time-limited, secured through IP tracking, and restricted according to your needs.

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"Tools that streamline our communication, are those that carry projects forward efficiently and effectively."

Ryan Cant

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