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Who We Are

Airwrx is a Visual Data Solutions Provider for Enterprise

We help business in telecommunications, oil & gas, power generation, power grid, and construction sectors to create situational awareness of 2D/3D & 360° data, managed through our cloud-based software, Airolytics®. Offering a true end-to-end solution, Airwrx® digitized clients' industrial assets and streamlines their facility's data in a fast, safe, and reliable way.


Our Mission

Founded in 2015, Airwrx is the world leader in visual data management which seamlessly combines drone-based inspections data with its software solution, Airolytics

As an industry pioneer, we have completed more than 35 world firsts since our inception, operating worldwide in more than 37 countries (and counting). Made up of a highly-skilled team of energy sector veterans, world-class pilots, inspection engineers and highly skilled in-house software developers, Airwrx® offers a true end-to-end visual data collection, inspection, and management solution for the energy sector.

Core Values


Partnered with DJI, the worlds leading drone company, giving us access to the best UAS.


Airwrx® is transparent with customers and clients to ensure an optimal data experience.


Speedy drone sales or services to ensure data is accessible in for all sectors at scale.

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