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Drone Data Collection

 Airwrx® conducts aerial surveys as well as close visual & thermal inspections of high, live and difficult to reach structures and facilities using drones.


World-Class Pilots

We employ some of the best drone pilots in the world, who will collect and deliver the “gold standard”. Our exclusive in-house flight school extends to four levels of rigorous training above the minimum requirements of the CAN-TransportCanada/US-FAA. To become a level 4 (offshore industrial) pilot you need at least 18 months or a minimum of 500 flight experience on actual projects.


Reliable equipment

We operate, maintain and repair multiple drone platforms to suit the different types of tasks. Our safety, operating & maintenance procedures have been vetted and approved by all O&G supermajors’ aviation divisions and have been often defined as the industry standard, comparable to full-size aircraft maintenance programs.


Industry Pioneers  

We have build credibility by always pushing the boundaries and have delivered over 30 world’s firsts in the industries we serve. From the first-ever offshore drone inspection of a live O&G asset to the first ASME-approved Nuclear dome inspection. We have an in-house R&D facility that allows us to develop technology solutions to perform drone inspection projects never done before….and we do it safely!

Airwrx in Action

When first-class drone-based inspection data is at the forefront of your decision making... You need the best pilots in the world to capture it.

Sectors We Serve

The Possibilities Are Endless


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