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Make Your Work Site a 3D Reality 

Data Solutions to Get a 3D & 360° View of Your Worksite. 

Up to 10,000 Surveys

5+ Drones Available

Servicing 57 Countries

42 Industrial Partners


What We Offer

As 3D data becomes more and more accessible, we provide industrial leading solutions for the entire aerial 3D process, from capture -to- atlasx®.


Why Choose Airwrx

Cutting Edge Enterprise Drones

Improve turn-around time for repetitious work by using DJI solutions to replace hazardous tasks.

Bespoke Data Capture

Integrate aerial data into your workflows to manage your global assets from any location with FlightHUB.

High Quality 3D & 360° Models

View your sites from an aerial angle, bringing new insights and potential savings using Airolytics software.

Experienced UAS Advisory Service

Solve operational challenges, starting now. With our specialized UAV crew and team of data scientists, drone-based aerial intell at your fingertips. 

We Offer Enterprise Drones

Sectors We Serve

The Possibilities Are Endless