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To obtain more info on how to purchase high resolution and medium resolution satellite imagery, including SkySat, PlanetScope & RapidEye, simply contact us.

Buying Satellite Imagery

Atlasx is a cloud-based platform with comprehensive APIs to facilitate machine-to-machine integration, informative dashboards to monitor usage, and an easy-to-use menu to rapidly develop associated applications.

Adopting Atlasx into your project environment eliminates the need for multiple data integration points, pricing and payment models, and costly multi-point searches. Instead, Atlasx allows teams to focus on the business application and in delivering actionable intelligence to the end-user.

Pay Only For Your Region Of Focus

With ATLASX your data is delivered pre-clipped to your exact areas of interest and you are only charged for the data you receive. No more paying for the extra data collected by the sensor around your area of interest.

Simple Pricing

No access fee and a simple pricing structure, based on resolution and the size of your ROF only.  No more worries about different suppliers with differing sensors, products, purchase minimums and varying area of collection (scene) sizes. You can budget your project worry-free knowing our pricing per km2 is fixed and will not change.

Lowest Prices In The Industry For Smaller Areas

We believe everyone should have access to Earth observation data and see the benefits of such an effective monitoring tool regardless of the scale of their use case.  This is why we are offering the lowest prices in the industry, along with the lowest minimum purchase size., to lower the barrier of entry of this exciting data source to everyone. 

No Fees For Open Data

With ATLASX, you can access unlimited open data each month at no extra charge. This allows you to prototype and test your application on 10 m, 15 m, or 30 m resolution data without incurring extra fees.

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