Manticore 900



Tech Specs

Manticore 900

Part Racehorse, All Workhorse.

The M900 is a "build-to-suit" UAS platform. The Industrial UAV has a robust and rugged design while offering the most portable form factor without sacrificing any flight times or payload options.  We can tailor the sensor options to fit your industrial needs.

Lightbridge 2
Third-Party Payloads
Heavy Lift VTOL

Versatile Platform

Manticore 400 

Heavy Lift VTOL (21kg)

Lightbridge 2 Transmission

E5000 Propulsion System

Landing Skids Extensions

DJI SDK Compatibility

Long Range Li-Ion Battery

A3 or PH2 Flight Controller

DJI Government Edition

Single Downward Gimbal

Third-party Payloads

The military Manticore 900 drone designed for longer, more complicated heavy payload missions. The M900 drone can be equipped with a gimballed, stabilized high performance EO & IR payload that is interchangeable with other sensors such as: communication Jammers, electronic warfare, etc’. The military UAV M900 can be configured to hold any kind of sensor up to 10 Kg. The M900 drone controlled by HereLink GCS, and transportable with a standard truck.

Compatible Imaging Payloads

Third-party Sensors
Zenmuse X3 & Z3
Zenmuse X5 & X5R
Zenmuse Z30
Zenmuse XT

Third-Party imagers include FLIR Optical Gas sensors for hydrocarbon gas leak detection, Long Wave Infrared (LWIR), MWIR, and SWIR Thermal Cameras.  We also have multiple visible camera options with 30x optical zoom and 42 megapixels full-frame (35x35mm) Sony sensor with interchangeable lens mounting options.

Custom Sensor Payloads

Air Quality Samplers

Third-Party Sensor AirWrx can integrate include LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), Magnetometers (MAG), and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). Novel remote sensing methods that can be used to examine the surface of the Earth. These integrated systems allow the user to examine both natural and manmade environments with accuracy and precision.


Built to Work, Engineered to Lift

30 Min Max Flight-Time

5km Transmission Range

21KG Max Take-off Weight

Custom Payload Configurations

IP53 Ingress Protection

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