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UTC is a professional UAS application training program founded by DJI, the global leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology. Dedicated to empowering multiple industries with drone technology, UTC provides a one-stop training service for individuals and corporations, including drone flight training, industrial applications, testing, certification, employment, and more. This service allows trainees to achieve faster, safer, more efficient results in their respective industry or field.

Training Courses

UAS Inspection (General)

UAS Inspection (Power Line)

Surveying and Mapping

Public Safety

Plant Protection

Aerial Photography


Together with industrial expert, UTC creates a scientific system for UAS application ability assessment. All trainees will be required to take the standard testing after the training course, including theory exam and practice test. UTC Certificate will be issued for those who pass the testing, as a recognition of related UAS operation and application ability.

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        Duration: 10 Days
        Price: $9,500 CAD
Manual inspections can be inefficient, costly, and risky in certain conditions. UASs equipped with infrared or zoom cameras are excellent alternatives to manual inspection, 

Industry Sectors

Public Safety

Oil & Gas / Energy


Archit., Eng., Constr.

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