UDDSx.2 (Marx. 2)

Hyperspectral Scanner for Food & Plants

Gather precise food or plant-level data using the UDDS – a high-precision scanner with a seamlessly integrated hyperspectral imaging system built for agriculture missions, environmental monitoring, and more.

Unmanned Defect Detect System


Reliably Tough

Non-Invasive plant screening

Hyperspectral Camera

All Environments (sun or rain)

Precise & Objective

Integrate on gantries or conveyors

Automation for GH - Industry 4.0

End-to-end solution, automated scanning w/ A.I. defect detection

UDDS hyperspectral scanner for food or plants

Unmanned Defect Detection System (UDDS) is a unique food/plant sensor that combines the power of hyperspectral imaging with the strength of artificial intelligence. It captures food/plants non-destructively and delivers precise and objective plant parameters in real-time. For applications where detailed information or high numbers of plants are required. The UDDS is built with high-quality standards to operate in any environment like growth chambers, labs, greenhouses and fields.

The UDDS moves over the plants to create our unique 3D Models. We combine  3D imaging with a multispectral flashing unit, that illuminates the plant and measures up to 4 wavelengths immediately after the 3D acquisition of the plant in high frequency. This way we can overlay 3D and multispectral information in one combined data set without the need for complex sensor fusion algorithms. Hence we provide both morphological and physiological parameters in one shot. 

  • 3D and Multispectral data combined

  • High precision

  • Independent of lighting conditions

  • Fully automated

  • High scan interval – Scan day and night

Many phenotyping devices require the plants to be moved. This is expensive, limits the throughput, impacts the plant and well, sometimes you just cannot move the plant as it grows in the soil. That is why we bring the sensor to the plant.

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