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SINCE 2015

Defining the Future of Unmanned

The SkunkWrx team remains connected to founder Ryan Cant's vision of a place where a small empowered team can create powerful solutions. Our customers’ missions define our purpose. We thank them for their partnership and allowing us to serve them, and we stand ready to tackle their more important issues and missions for the future.

As we look to the future, we see a global UAV landscape that is rapidly evolving. By focusing on our core capabilities, we will continue innovating to provide our customers with cutting technology in the following areas:


improve processes and performance while extracting cost 

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Transforming how humans and machines work together

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Minimize cost, maximize reuse, and accelerate capabilities 

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SkunkWrx Approach

No mission is impossible. SkunkWrx is committed to quickly developing disruptive solutions to ensure our nation has an absolute advantage.

What sets the SkunkWrx apart is its unique approach created by founder Ryan Cant. This approach is still evidenced today by the small empowered teams, streamlined processes and the culture that values the lessons learned when you are bold enough to attempt something that hasn’t been done before.

Unlike most of the work that we do at the SkunkWrx, our spirit of innovation is no secret. We thrive on solving difficult problems, and that “can-do” attitude has led to many aerospace firsts and countless disruptive technology innovations. Just like when we started, we’re not big on titles or protocol – we simply tackle the toughest technical challenges, regularly meeting schedules on time and under budget.

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