The DJI M210 RTK – The Go-2 Drone For Enterprise

The rugged and dependable DJI Matrice 200 Series has been developed to offer professional operators an adaptable solution for industrial use-cases, such as surveying and emergency services. Available in 3 variants:

  • Matrice 210 RTK V2;

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C$21,025.00 Regular Price
C$10,512.50Sale Price
  • In the box:

    • Aircraft Body*1
    • Remote Controller*1
    • Landing Gear*2
    • CrystalSky 7.85-inch Monitor*1
    • WCH2 Charging Hub*1
    • WB37 Intelligent Battery*2
    • TB55*2    (packaged individually and shipped separately)
    • Battery Charger*1
    • IN2CH Charging Hub*1
    • Propeller (Pair)*4
    • Power Cable*1
    • USB Cable (with 2 Type-A Ports)*1
    • Mobile Device Holder*1
    • Carrying Case*1
    • Gimbal Damper*3
    • USB Extension Cable*1
    • Remote Controller Strap*1
    • microSD Card (64GB)*1
    • Rear Port Cover Screw*6
    • Screwdriver (set)*1
    • Cendence Control Stick Covers (Pair)*1
    • Cendence Control Stick Cover Mounting Key*1
    • Spare Waterproof Rear Port Cover*1
    • D-RTK High Precision GNSS Mobile Station for Matrice Series (packaged individually and shipped separately) 

Industry Sectors

Public Safety

Oil & Gas / Energy


Archit., Eng., Constr.

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