Capture, analyze and visualize your environment with DJI Terra – an intuitive, PC-based mapping software developed to help industry professionals transform real-world scenarios into digital assets. *

  • Flight Planning: simply select an area on the map to create flight paths and automate complex missions.
  • Waypoint Mission Planning: create efficient flight paths with waypoint actions, adjust parameters such as altitude, speed, and gimbal pitch.
  • Real-time Mapping: quickly generate a 2D orthomosaic of the selected area in real-time.
  • 2D Reconstruction: import images to generate high-resolution RGB orthomosaics and vegetation index maps.
  • 3D Reconstruction: import images to generate high-resolution 3D models.
  • Inspect dense point clouds (dpc) from DJI's L1 and P1 payloads.
  • Supports Phantom 4 Series Drones (inc. Phantom 4 RTK, Phantom MSI, Phantom 4 Pro V2.0, Phantom 4 Pro + V2.0, Phantom 4 Pro, Phantom 4 Advanced); Mavic 2E; Mavic 2 Entrprise Advanced; Matrice 300 RTK.


*The Pro Version contains features designed for applications in construction for 2D and 3D modelling.

DJI Terra Pro 1 year (1device)

  • DJI Terra software is Windows10 compatibe only.

    Ideal computer specifications to run Terra is a -7 or i9 CPU with a NVIDIA RTX 2060 to 2060Ti GPU. Please see AirWrx WrxStation Pro for the ultimate mobile supercomputer solution. 

  • A Return Will Not Be Accepted if:

    1. If the product is an activation code (ie. Terra, GS Pro, FlightSim, FlightHub, Care Enterprise Basic Renew)

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