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AirWrx is a leading UAV company in Canada. We support multiple industries in the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology. Our industry-leading expertise has allowed us the privilege to provide world-class certification, regulation, and training. We can enable your drone program with the right equipment, flight training, ground courses, and Transport Canada and Nav Canada consultation necessary for you to not only acquire Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC), but to fly safely and effectively with the best equipment available on the market.

The training is offered bi-weekly throughout the year and available to those in the Windsor, Essex, Chatham-Kent, Sarnia, and beyond. AirWrx is registered with Transport Canada as meeting the mandated knowledge requirements for pilots of small UAV (TP-15263E) instruction requirements and valid for SFOC application. Our curriculum covers beyond the minimum knowledge requirement to include ROC-A (Restricted Radio Operator Certificate-Aeronautical) certification as well as SFOC application service. Our instructors are commercial UAV pilots, which ensures your training and certificate will be recognized by Transport Canada for SFOC application and pilot permits in the future. Our next Advanced RPAS course is being held on September 28-29th, 2019.

How To Register

Register here (http://airwrx.com/dfs) or contact us for custom onsite and scheduled training for your department.

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