Drones & the Digital Revolution

The digital revolution is raging. It began in industries such as financial and retail where e-commerce and mobility became an increasingly important way to deliver services and engage with customers. In comparison, agriculture, mining, and forestry, where the core business inherently requires moving earth or surveying crop or forestry condition, have been slow adopters. Industries focused on the physical environment, are laggards and have resisted change in large-part because they’ve had historically people-heavy roles.

Only a demi-decade ago, it was not clear how to digitizing dirt more efficiently or accurately than traditional terrestrial surveying methods.

Whether it is easy or not, these physically-focused industries no longer can afford to avoid digital practices; they need to find new ways to take advantage of modern technology. In the construction and mining industries low margins, limited resources, and increased competition are driving companies out of business. Industries like forestry management are seeing similar challenges with increased impacts caused by pests and disease that traditional LiDAR enabled manned aircrafts are unable to detect. Most importantly, we’re still putting people in harm’s way in roles that are unnecessary. , Inspectors are risking their lives, climbing on roofs and surveying assets from low-flying helicopters, which is extremely dangerous.

The solution? DRONES.

The leaders in the drone industry saw this opportunity to provide an easy and economical way to digitize the environment. More detailed and “real-time” than satellite imagery and more cost effective than manned aircraft flights, drones are an effective way to capture images that ultimately unleash the power of mobile, cloud, machine learning/artificial intelligence, and more. With a big opportunity in sight, drones and sensor manufacturers have evolved rapidly over the last few years to move from consumer toys to enterprise-grade equipment. Sensors are getting smaller, drones are easier to fly, both are lower in cost, and drones have better battery life than ever before.

But capturing drone data is only the first step of getting the benefits of digitizing the physical environment. Businesses need to make sense of the data, compare it, access it over-time and from different locations. What matters is how effectively the data can be ingested into the cloud in a secure and scalable way. What matters is how that data is then turned into meaningful models and visualizations that users, regardless of their location, can view, interact with, annotate and collaborate on as they do their jobs. This is the new era of the "Analytics Revolution". This is exactly what we do at AirWrx, by leveraging the power of cloud and machine learning/artificial intelligence to do everything from measuring stockpiles more safely, efficiently and effectively to... automatically detect forest canopy damage from pests.

To be the leader in delivering business insights. Hardware is evolving very quickly, and we see the largest opportunity in BVOLS and being able to compute massive datasets. It has became clear that the best value we can offer clients is leading the analytics front of mass super-computing. We seek to give our customers access to the best-of-breed drone technology and sensors to support their business operations, which why ATLASx is drone agnostic. We believe DJI M200 series platforms addresses many challenges faced by other UAV platforms currently on the market (rugged, reliable, sensor agnostic, etc).

In this digital revolution, AirWrx is empowering clients to digitize their work-sites and transform their business and their communities with new insights using predictive analytics enabled by drones and other sensors. This will allow people to have safer working environments, be more efficient with the world’s scarce resources, and innovate in new ways we have yet to uncover. A pioneer since birth, AirWrx is excited to be the leader in driving the digital possibilities that are enabling the world to thrive.

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