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Photo/Video Documentation

Virtual Tours for Remote Management & Visualization

Photo/Video Docu.

We handle it all so you don't have to

Professional Photographer

Insurance & Certification

All Regulatory Filings

$10Mn in Limited Liability

DSLR Camera Haul Coverage

Image Post-Processing

Data Quality Checks

A.I. Analytics and Assess.

Data Delivery via Host

Mo. Membership to Softwares

Travel Costs (Up-to-100km)

2x Rescheduled Rain Date

Professional Photographer

Pro DSLR Camera

Uploaded in Real-Time

Cutting-Edge Handheld Mapping Technology

AirWrx offers terrestrial mapping services powered by Pix4D, the global leaders in drone software. With an interactive, 3D map of your object, room, or site, you gain the unprecedented ability to instantly view, measure, and manage your project.

High-Res Construction Photography, Linked to Project Plans

AirWrx is a construction photo documentation pioneer and full-service construction site photography provider. Unlike other vendors that sell either do-it-yourself software solutions or photography services, AirWrx handles both sides and delivers it all at your fingertips. We capture hundred of photos at a single site and ensure  every object is documented along with close-ups of tagged items and serial numbers.

Photo / Video Documentation

Document Every Item On-Site in High-Res

Handheld Photography

Handheld Videography

2D/3D Object Rendering

Track Site Progress

Measure Objects In-scene

Remotely Safely Inspect Assets 

Industry Sectors

Public Safety

Oil & Gas / Energy


Archit., Eng., Constr.

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