Update GIS data, visualize topographies, enhance UX


Display and interpret current geographical information with public imagery feeds. Update your GIS layers and 

mapping applications to display real-time data & improve accuracy in geo-informatics, UX, logistics, & planning.

Land Surveying

Land Management & Development

Topographical Surveys

Precise Measurements

Cadastral Maps

Urban Planning

Recent regional imagery layers

Aresx covers 200 km in 6hrs, with high-resolution imaging capacity, Atlas delivers current and complete imagery of Earth, available for location-based services and analysis.

  • Refresh out-of-date spatial data with daily Base maps.

  • Access and analyze hard to image regions with large-scale monitoring at 1-3cm resolution

  • Process panochromatic, spectral and thermal imagery

  • Maintain data consistency within GIS and across user interactions

Atlasx identifies known roads all over the world, similar to Google Maps’ output of the region
Urban growth and development in Romont, Switzerland 2019

Topography with a time axis

Accurate location information is core to digital experience and data analysis, enabling precise geoanalytics, intuitive interfaces, and informed oversight.

  • Map, display, and analyze data against recent and historical topographic information

  • Assess large orthomosaics and digital elevation models (DEM) with change-over-time analysis.

  • Derive timely insights based on changes and developments in land use and infrastructure

Easy integration and ready-to-use data

Access data feeds directly, search and filter imagery, and update systems to reflect ground truth with our API, easy to use with leading GIS tools.

  • Frequently and easily update your applications with cloud-based imagery

  • Leverage Planet’s platform and API for direct download, or create custom data streams

  • Seamlessly integrate spatially accurate, analysis-ready scenes into your systems

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