AirWrx-Services provides its commercial customers around the world with aerial observation services, while ensuring safe operations and the delivery of high-quality data,  reliable, customized data to enable its customers to make sound business decisions.

Through a single point of contact, the entire service provided is seamless for the end-user, from data acquisition to business analysis. Customers are billed on a "flexible" basis. Financing options are available on select membership plans when a revisit to a site for monitoring purposes is required.

In order to do this, AirWrx-Services relies on:

  • UAS Professionals who have the proper expertise to perform safe UAV operations and ensure data quality; AirWrx – Highly specialized UAS crew, trained and certified by Transport Canada, through AirWrx in-house Drone Flight School (UAV-1 Certification), and Unmanned Training Center (UTC).

  • Photogrammetrists who will process all collected data and perform quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC);

  • Scientists in specific sectors (agriculture, forestry, wetlands, mines and quarries, etc.), capable of analyzing collected aerial data to solve the end-user’s day-to-day problems.

AirWrx-Services has a network of expert operators waiting to help you with the mission you have in mind. At AirWrx, we know that useful data must be acquired quickly. Which is why AirWrx has recruited, trained and equipped the best operators. AirWrx has selected the best partners around the world for their reliability, range of expertise and responsiveness, with you and your future data acquisition and flights in mind. Look at the skies, your AirWrx - Service may have already begun.

AirWrx has unique expertise that covers the whole value chain. Concretely, this means that AirWrx goes beyond simply utilizing proprietary commercial drone technology. Cutting edge and reliable UAV systems for mission are of no use without sophisticated data processing expertise to exploit them. How does it work behind the scenes? For each application (agriculture, forestry, oil and gas,…) we have a dedicated team offering proven expertise combined with specific in-house tools such as algorithms. A full range of resources to guarantee professional, survey-grade deliverables that you need to make the right decisions in the field.

Your concern is to act promptly through a reliable network, by giving precise instructions to your teams in the field. Which means you need to get the right reports based on the most accurate and reliable data.​ Once the photogrammetry process has been completed, the business analysis begins, bringing you detailed reports that are delivered quickly to enable you to act immediately.