From flights to insights, our services empower digital focused organizations to integrate our digital site surveys into their existing workflow. AirWrx deploys a multitude of digital capture devices including drones, 3D scanners, 360°/ VR cameras, and time-lapse webcam solutions. We work directly with our clients to ensure the data deliverables provide a quicker and more cost effective solution compared to traditional methods.

Please see AirWrx "Corporate Client Engagement" graphic below:

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  • Document learning 

  • Share learning

  • Create learning environment

  • Store and save data 

  • Prepare data for analysis

  • Analyze results

  • Adapt strategic plan

  •  Define scope, vision, targets

  •  Identify critical threats

  • Complete situation analysis

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  • Develop goals, strategies, assumptions, and objectives

  • Develop monitoring plan

  • Develop operational plan

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  • Develop work plan and timeline

  • Develop and refine budget

  • Implement flight plans

  • Submit NavCanada Flight Info.

  • Mobilize to site

  • Assess weather conditions

  • Complete safety checks

  • Collect aerial imagery/data