Oversee assets, anticipate impact, mitigate disaster


Bring oversight and intelligence to your projects with global, high-cadence imagery and analytics. Develop a complete overview of your assets, manage risks to your business, and evaluate competitor activity in real-time.

Volume measurements

3D models of sites

Tracking construction progress

Inventory and management

Asset  monitoring

Monitor your assets

Whether you operate on a regional, national, or global scale, Atlasx frequent and cost-effective unmanned aerial systems makes it easy to map and monitor assets across multi-site projects.

  • Plan infrastructure, oversee project development, and anticipate delays

  • Detect encroachment, monitor right of way, and relocate sites overgrown with vegetation

  • Map environmental impact, reclamation, and closure projects

AirWrx identifying construction and on-site equipment near Toronto, Ontario
AirWrx quantifying aggregate stockpiles at a mine in Timmins, Ontario.

Anticipate regional impact on your business

Atlas regional coverage helps you monitor assets  and perform due diligence on risks before they affect your operations and investments.

  • See recent ground-truth imagery of geopolitical hotspots of interest

  • Monitor strategic assets in remote or inaccessible areas

  • Monitor production indicators and global energy supply in nontransparent markets

Assess and mitigate disaster

Our automated data pipeline and cloud infrastructure ensure that you’ll have access to the information you need to address unanticipated disaster quickly and efficiently.

  • Understand disaster quickly with before-and-after imagery and deploy the right resources

  • Prevent disaster with up-to-date asset and right of way monitoring

  • Anticipate market effects and investment impact with ground-truth imagery

M200 capturing evidence of a Pipeline leak just outside of Waterton, Alberta
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