Map land use, manage resources, monitor urbanization


Act on current and complete ag-insights across every region and season. Understand changes in vegetation from preseason to harvest and farm more efficiently, profitably, and sustainably with continuous field coverage.

Monitor Plant Health

Optimize Plant ROI

Perform Plant Count

Assess Losses After Major Weather Event

Produce Variable Rate Sprayer Maps

Monitor Crops Daily

Capture ultra high-resolution imagery hourly, cm-level accuracy enables precision ag management at scale, readily accessible via our Atlas platform.


  • Monitor crop health with continuous field coverage over broad and distributed areas

  • Improve yield productivity benchmarking with while adding image collections to archive historical data.

  • Create dynamic management zones and easily access imagery through your assets.

NDVI median of CIR (color infrared) Drone imagery throughout the summer growing season in Kitchener, Ontario

Analyze Fields, Detect Anomalies

Persistent imaging allows you to identify trends and issues early and track crop health in near-real time.


  • Detect in-field variation with dense vegetation analysis and vitality alerting

  • Respond quickly to changes in crop health with field-level detail

  • Direct scouting and optimize variable rate application to manage costs

GLI derived from drone data of fields in Ontario, measuring vegetation greeness and health during the 2018 growing season

Optimize inputs, boost yields

With daily time series vegetation analysis, you can understand and better respond to changes throughout the crop lifecycle immediately.


  • Refine crop models and productivity benchmarks with high cadence NDVI trend and input analysis

  • Detect crops, estimate acreage, and predict yields before public reports are published

High frequency drone imagery helps growers make smarter decisions about crop management and land use
Researchers observe deforestation and infringement near protect wildlife areas

Verify zero-deforestation commitments

Atlas can analyze high cadence cm-level resolution imagery, which allows businesses to track, enforce and report on zero-deforestation goals.


  • Vet regional agricultural producers, in advance of doing business

  • Mitigate reputational risk with ground truth visibility at scale

  • Manage supply chain compliance with ongoing, objective data, to supplement ground surveys

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