3D Scan to BIM


3D Scan to BIM

Remotely Measure to an accuracy within 6mm (¼”) 

3D Scan to BIM

We handle it all so you don't have to

Experienced Surveyor (5+yrs)

Insurance & Certification

All Regulatory Filings

$10Mn in Limited Liability

LiDAR Sensor Haul Coverage

LiDAR/360 Image Processing

Data Quality Checks

Data Analytics and Assess.

Data Delivery via Host

Mo. Membership to Softwares

Travel Costs (Up-to-100km)

2x Rescheduled Rain Date

Expert Senior Scanner

Leica Laser Scanner

Processed in Real-Time

Cutting-Edge 3D/360 Scanning Technology

After every successful scan, point cloud data is automatically transferred from the Leica BLK360 to our hosting software so it can be aligned with previous scans. The same scan data is also kept on the Leica BLK360. AirWrx exports this point cloud for use in a third-party program (AutoCAD).

3D Scanning

Highly accurate laser scanners from our sister company, Leica Geosystems, capture data about real-world objects and environments to produce point clouds and highly accurate measurements for any project.

When AirWrx does the scanning for you, you don’t have to worry about labor shortages, expensive equipment, inconsistent quality, slow turnaround of data, or administration logistics.

Scan to Plan

Turn your point cloud data into detailed schematic plans or 2D as-built Autodesk AutoCAD drawings.

Scan to BIM

Transform your scan data into 3D as-built Autodesk Revit models.

Mix & Match with Drone Services to Fit your Needs.

We don’t just capture the data — we convert it into actionable deliverables. Whether your project requires scanning only or a combination of services, we’re here to get you the field intelligence you need.

We do it all — scanning, registration, visualization, data preparation, data hosting, and data transmission. Our data processing has a fast turnaround, so you can keep your timeline on track.

3D Scan to BIM

Capture Every Millimeter

360° Photography

VR Walkthrough

2D/3D Exterior Site Maps

2D/3D Floor Plans

Measure Objects In-scene

Safely Inspect Assets 

Industry Sectors

Public Safety

Oil & Gas / Energy


Archit., Eng., Constr.

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