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Matrice 300 RTK

Built Tough, Works Smart.


The Future of Unmanned

Continuously innovating to provide cutting-edge drone analytics

Collect & Leverage Data Across your Operations with Drones

Same Task, Better Tools
Improve turn-around time for repetitious work by using DJI solutions to replace hazardous tasks.

Rapid Reality Capture
View your sites from an aerial angle, bringing new insights and potential savings using DJI's TERRA software.

Remote Asset Mgmt.
Integrate aerial data into your workflows to manage your global assets from any location with FlightHUB. 

Industrial Sectors

Public Safety

Better serve your communities with accurate and timely aerial intel.

Surveying & AEC

Managing complex projects with regular maps of your site.


Quickly inspect infrastructure and plan for future upgrades.

Oil & Gas

Safely inspect and manage equipment and infrastructure.


With more than 8 years of experience, our reputation does the talking...

With more than 7 years of experience and working with big name businesses, our "get it done" is at the core of every job we operate. Recognized as the gold-standard from data collection, data inspection, and data management, AirWrx is pioneering the way to support businesses develop in-house drone programs.

AirWrx Services that Support your Organizational Work-flow

Fly It Yourself

Go from flights to insights using a single, integrated platform. Pair drone and sensor hardware with software that makes it simple to fly drones, process data, and deliver reports.

Hire The Experts

Solve operational challenges, starting now. With our specialized UAV crew and team of data scientists, drone-based aerial intelligence is at your fingertips. 

Build A Drone

Add drones and aerial data to your existing operations. From design and development to flights and analysis, get the support you need to strengthen the data value chain.

Strategic Partners

Ready for Takeoff?

Whether you’re looking for the right drone, a custom solution, or developing a business case for aerial intelligence, we can help.

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Stay up-to-date on the latest news and information about how drones are impacting aerospace and the global economy.

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AirWrx Enterprise platforms are extremely powerful tools. To learn more about integrating AirWrx business products into your business operations, click the link below.

Industry Sectors

Public Safety

Oil & Gas / Energy


Archit., Eng., Constr.

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